Discounting Drugs

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The new discount card is just that, it offers a discount on specific drugs for people on Medicare.

Lorie McElheney owns Coopers Drugs in Panama City, and is allowing patients to come to the store and sign up for the plan.

"Anyone who's on Medicare can sign up for it if they don't have some insurance program that's already paying for their drugs," Lorie says.

And that includes anyone on Medicaid, but getting the card isn't that easy. Right now, there are so many different cards to choose from. Laura Gould, the managing pharmacist at Bay Medical, says each card offer discounts on a different set of drugs.

"Some of them have a different drug in the same class on it, so if you're on Prozac, one card might cover Prozac and the other card might cover Zoloft," says Laura.

The Medicare website offers a worksheet that will compare cost between cards depending on the prescriptions you take.

Cindy Silva is the insurance specialist at Bay Medical and has been helping seniors sign up for the best card possible, but she isn't seeing a great savings for seniors already paying thousands a year in medicines.

Deciding on the card best for you is important because you can't switch cards until November. Those cards won't go into effect until next year.