To Be Continued...

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Developer Michael Peaden withdrew the issue from the Cedar Grove Planning Commission on Monday due to the controversy it has caused.

About 20 Cedar Grove residents attended Monday night’s planning commission meeting, many prepared to voice their opinions.

Residents from the Pine Tree Place subdivision have complained that the park will lower their property values and ruin their nice neighborhood.

Peaden says he plans to place traditional homes in front of the park as a way to conceal the trailers but some residents say that won't do. His withdrawal of the proposal from Monday's agenda means the debate will continue.

Also, planning commission members are still no closer to finding out if current land use codes even allow the park.

A comprehensive plan from 1990 allows mobile homes in residential areas, but several on the commission argue the plan is outdated.

Residents and planning commission members both say they want development in Cedar Grove, it just has to be the right development.