Reaction to FDLE Investigation on Shootout

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The state attorney's office released an eight-page summary of the FDLE investigation. But the full 100-page report is much more detailed.

Newschannel 7 has learned the fatal shot that killed Dwight McWaters came from one of the police officers on the scene, but FDLE has not identified which officer.

Up until now, his family had not gone public with their feelings about the shooting.

But today his mother, Gladys Alexander, told us her son's death may have been prevented if law enforcement officers would have approached the situation differently.

Holmes County Sheriff Dennis Lee disagrees, saying the five-officers, including one of his deputies, had no other choice.

"I think all the law enforcement agencies that responded acted properly. I hate it happened. Dwight had some problems, and I hate that they came out the way they did. But we have no choice but to do what we do whenever a situation like that occurs."

Bonifay Officer Steve Lee is still rehabbing from his injuries. He won't be back on the job for a number of months.