Altha First Graders Collect for Cancer

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It started out as a simple project to teach children the power of small actions and to re-enforce their desire to give.

"We started collecting them because of what it says in this sign right here. It says: pay for the chemo treatment for a child at Eufala Hospital. One gallon will pay for a chemo treatment," says Mrs. Faye Smith, first grade teacher.

But the giving project soon grew from one gallon of tabs to eight, and now the teacher is the one that's learning her first graders are more compassionate than she knew.

"I brought in a milk jug and a lot of bags because I knew our class would need a lot," says first grader Ashlyn Barfield.

"We all brought in a lot of tabs because of, for the treatment of kids who don't have money," first grader adds first grader Christopher Sale

"I said, oh!, when they come in with big Ziploc bags and some would bring 'em in and they'd come in dragging it in like this." says Faye Smith

But Smith's first grade class didn't stop at one cause. The class recently turned in a gallon and a half of pennies to the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life.

Smith's class will be donating 17 gallons of tabs, nine from another teacher who was impressed by the students' efforts.