Thomas Drive and US 98 Intersection Improvement Project Update

The work is being done on the east end of the eastbound elevated roadway (on the west side of the Hathaway Bridge). These piles are being driven to minimize the cost associated with casting and installation of the piles.

Installation of the permanent piles for the east end of the elevated roadways should begin some time early next week and continue for several weeks

Meanwhile, work continues on the west side of Thomas Drive and the east side of Wildwood with the installation of a drainage system and construction of the sub grade in preparation for the asphalt pavement.

This work will allow for wider roadway widths through the area. The work on Wildwood will continue for approximately two weeks with work on Thomas Drive continuing for several weeks.

Permanent traffic lights and overhead street lighting installation is occurring throughout the project and will continue as different phases of the project are completed.

There are no anticipated traffic switches or long-term temporary lane closures this week. To remain updated on this project, you may also visit the Thomas Drive US 98 website at