No Fun in the Sun

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The heat is just starting to swelter and summer is around the corner. Everyone is heading towards the water. Sunday afternoon, two men on wave runners collided in Lake Powell, sending one to the hospital and one left a little shaken.

According to the Sheriff's Office, James Trest of Panama City Beach and Garland Foust of Enterprise, Alabama collided.

Deputy Brotherston says an accident like this could be avoided.

"It's almost like driving down back beach road. You have to be aware of what's going on to each side of you, what's going on behind you. As an end result, this is what happens," says Brotherston.

And this is exactly what Ken Wright from Ozark, Alabama doesn't want to happen when he's in the water.

"Any collision between two jet skis is like a motorcycle, you're exposed, you have nothing between you and impact. You're at risk,” Ken explains.

To lessen the risk, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission say anyone on the water needs to pay attention and understand the rules. It's like driving a car. You should always yield to the right of way, but be aware of what is coming from any direction.

"When you're out running your jet ski, make sure you keep your head on a swivel. You're looking all around you, at all the time because vessels of all kinds can pop up when you least expect it," says the commission.

And the element of surprise is not always appreciated on the water.