Parade of Homes Proves How Hot Bay County Market Really Is

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Are you looking to invest? These days buying a home may be a better investment than taking a chance with the stock market. Now, thousands of people in our area are cashing in on Bay County's home market, and they got their ideas from the week long Parade of Homes Tour.

"We've been looking for about a year trying to get ideas. We're really not sure what we want. So we saw this tour in the paper and thought we would take advantage of it," Mary Lou Cumbie says.

Thousands of people came out to the first day of the Parade of Homes Tour, but if these potential home buyers were planning to invest in this subdivision they're out of luck. All 85 of the lots have already been sold out.

Five of the 15 homes on display were presented in the Grant's Mill subdivision. Builders say developments like these in Bay County are in high demand.

"I think the biggest thing today is the interest rates. They're at the lowest they've been in years, and I think everybody is out there taking advantage of that," says home builder, Joe Holiday.

"Bay County has been discovered. A lot of people are coming in, even from out of state. They're looking for the best builder, so the Parade of Homes helps them get ideas. Then they say to me 'let's go build a home,'" says home builder, Dan Young.

Many who toured the many beautiful homes now realize building a home is a smart move to make.

Proceeds from the sale of the sponsor home in Grant's Mill subdivision will go to local charitable organizations and scholarship programs.

Parade of Homes will continue until next Sunday. You can check out all 15 beautiful homes from noon until 6 p.m. each day.