Coast Guard Opens Their Doors

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Pulling a swimmer out of the water using a helicopter, quite a job description to put on a resume.

Commanding Officer, CWO Tim Monck says, "We deal with search and rescue through our entire area. We have over 3,000 square miles of water we're responsible for. We also have a law enforcement mission, we're involved in marine and environmental protection, boating safety, as well as maritime security.

But Monday, the emphasis was on search and rescue training. Coast Guard officials in Destin want the community to know more about their missing. They're holding an open house this weekend at the Coast Guard station on Okaloosa Island, at the foot of the Destin Bridge.

They say they want are residents to understand why they do what they do.

"The young people that join the coast guard and wanna make a difference, and to see the enthusiasm they bring to the station and watch them grow and develop is the best part for me."

You'll get a chance to meet those young people this weekend. The open house is set for this Saturday from 9 to 4.