Nurturing the Nurses

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They give shots, tuck in sheets, hold a hand, along with so many other duties. Nurses become the nurturers in a hospital.

Chief Nursing Officer Ginger Michaels understands the importance of the more than 360 nurses at Gulf Coast Medical Center. "Our nurses are nurturing their patients every moment they work and sometimes you can become nurturing deplete," says Ginger.

This week the nurses are getting a little extra attention. Those in charge organized the pamper to say thank you for the work done everyday of the year. The nursing industry is facing a critical shortage across the country.

The state of Florida needs about 9,000 more nurses to ease its shortage, even those at Gulf Coast notice the strain.

"Well, I've noticed that nurses at times might have to take an extra patient or two because there aren't enough nurses." Nurse Dana Tankersley says the quality of care could only get better if every hospital was adequately staffed. "It is a little bit more stressful when you're not able to spend as much time as you'd like to with each patient," says Dana.

Craig Wilbur is a nurse in the operating room. He points out this isn't a job for anyone, those who make it, are meant to be a nurse.

"I think you get into this business with the patients in mind, and taking care of people, it's our responsibility. We feel it's our duty and we enjoy doing it," Wilbur says.

However, with the lack of nurses, pamper days like this only offer a little relief before it's time to get back to work.