Chipley Woman Kills Boyfriend

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Chipley police say they know exactly who shot and killed a man over the weekend. They've talked to her, she's even admitted to the killing, but so far they haven't arrested or charged her with any type of crime.

An early Sunday morning 9-1-1 call by Chipley resident, Renee Oldfield Konstantinos, leads police to her wounded live-in boyfriend, Billy Michael McMillan.

McMillan died a few hours later at this hospital from a gunshot to the chest. Now, investigators are trying to figure out if the death was an accident, a matter of self-defense, or maybe even murder.

Chipley Police Chief Kevin crews says he's uncertain about the possible charges against Konstantinos because of the two different stories she's told police. First she said she shot McMillan by accident when he was showing her how to load the gun. Later she said it was self-defense when he wouldn't let her leave the house.

Chief crews says his department has responded to past domestic violence calls involving Konstantinos and McMillan, but he says right now it's too early to tell if Konstantinos second story about the Sunday morning shooting is true.

Police would not confirm if there were any signs of abuse or a struggle between the couple. We tried to contact Konstantinos Tuesday, but could not reach her.