Tuesday Election Results From Port St. Joe and Panama City Beach

Voters overwhelmingly defeated two measures that would have limited the city's ability to grow.

The first ballot question would have prohibited the city from providing sewer and water services outside of the city limits. It was defeated by a vote of 881-to-115.

The second question on the ballot would have prohibited the city from annexing land without a public vote. It failed 873-to-122.

The Panhandle Citizen's Coalition was pushing both items because Port St. Joe officials wanted to provide water and sewer service to the Windmark development outside of the city limits. Windmark is a St. Joe Company development.

The citizens group has been opposing almost every St. Joe Company project in Northwest Florida.

Port. St. Joe Mayor Frank Pate said Tuesday’s vote should help the city's efforts to grow. "Well, that's exactly what I wanted, and I just thank the people for turning out, and voting, supporting the issue, and voting 'no', because it's for their benefit, not necessarily mine, but for everybody’s benefit, really."

Meanwhile voters at Panama City Beach went to the polls Tuesday to decide a run off for the Ward Four city council seat.

Ken Nelson beat Pat Horne-Pate for the seat by a vote of 562 to 424.

The incumbent in the position, Linda Hardin, did not seek re-election. She had moved out of the ward.=