Skeletal Remains Update

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Walton County sheriff officials say they may have solved the mystery of skeletal remains found near Defuniak Springs this past March, but they can't prove it.

Investigators say the remains they found likely belong to a Mexican immigrant with a history of mental health problems. The man was reported missing several years ago, but he was never found.

Authorities say the man was last seen headed towards the scene of where the skeletal remains were later found, but they have very little physical evidence to prove that the remains are in fact his.

"So far we don't have any dental records or DNA to prove who it is, and also we do not know next of kin to contact to maybe come up with some DNA. At this time, it looks almost impossible to prove who it is," says Ralph Johnson, Walton County Sheriff.

Sheriff investigators have not ruled out the possibility that the man in question may have been killed.