Undercover Drug Sting Lands 18 Accused Dealers in Jail

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An undercover drug sting by two local law enforcement agencies lands more than a dozen people behind bars.

Four of the most serious charges include 19-year-old Tameka Lewis, who is being held on trafficking charges after Bay County sheriff's officials found more than 28 grams of crack cocaine in her vehicle.

Twenty-nine-year-old Nakia Roberts, 57-year-old James Shazier and 17-year-old William Bailey are also being held on $50,000 each for selling cocaine to undercover cops.

Eighteen other people were also arrested in the undercover sting. They received lesser charges. It's just one of many drug stings local law enforcement agencies have tackled together.

"Meth isn't the only problem we have. We have a lot of drug problems in the area and we're dealing with those as best as we can. We're making cases everyday. We're closely working with other agencies," says Panama City Police Chief David Slusser.