Suspected Carjackers Nabbed

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Around midnight Walton County deputies arrested 37-year-old Kenneth Reynolds and 19 year old James Perron, both of Panama City.

Bay County sheriff's investigators say around 10:30 Monday night Reynolds and Perron robbed a couple on Laguna Beach of the keys to their SUV using a machine gun. The two then took off in the stolen SUV and another car.

Walton County deputies stopped the suspects’ vehicles near 331, but Reynolds jumped out and took off into the woods. That's when the nose of Buford the tracking dog came into play.

Dennis Wise, Walton County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer, says, "We had the helicopter up with the flair unit which is a forward looking infra red unit and usually we can spot em in the open but when you have thick underbrush and cover such as the trees and the bushes that were in that area, the body heat is dispersed immensely so you can't find em too good on the flare unit. So it takes a good tracking dog to find em. "

Investigators say Buford has made 15 "tracks", all successful. Reynolds and Perron have been charged with grand theft auto and robbery with a firearm.