Mother and Son Turns Tassels Together

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The memory of walking across the stage to receive your diploma can last a lifetime, and for a mother and son here in Bay County that moment has finally arrived.

Sandra and Ronald Radford graduated together Tuesday night with more than 100 other graduates of Shaw Adult Center. The mother and son went to school together to get their GED.

Sandra waited 25 years for this moment, and she says she's so proud she could share it with her son.

"I did have another son that graduated last year. He wanted me to graduate with him, but I wasn't ready. So this year I’m graduating with my oldest son, and it's so exciting," says Sandra Radford.

“My mom told me she had been taking classes at Shaw Adult Center, and she was going to get her GED. I said 'maybe I should do it too.' They made school fun," says Ronald Radford.

Although only 100 graduates participated in the ceremony more than 300 received their GED from Shaw Adult Center, making it the second largest graduating class in Bay County.