Man Walking across the Country for Disabled Vets

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A man, who's walking cross-country to raise awareness and money for disabled veterans, is passing through our area.

Richard Hunsucker started his "Walk Across America" in Jacksonville on Veterans Day. He’s scheduled to arrive in San Diego by Memorial Day. That’s 26-hundred and-50 miles in 202 days. But the walk is only a means for delivering a message.

Richard Hunsucker says he’s walking across the country for a cause he believes in. "There are many causes but the greatest cause is our veterans because they provide us with the freedom to do what we do."

His own experiences as a veteran were his motivation. "On this trip I want to bring the awareness many needs of disabled veterans. These are lifetime injuries and as America, we need to come together as a nation and provide the care they need"

Hunsucker will travel the country alone, walking by day, making stops at local vet clinics and outpatient hospitals. At night he sleeps where he can, sometimes in his car. His routine is the same he says.

"Every morning I park my car and walk sixteen miles and at the end of the day I tag the road. I draw my logo on the road, sign it, date it and put the miles I’ve walked so far.” And he's hoping he won't have to make the walk alone.

"I need people to come out and join us on our walk, make pledges. And if you can’t make a pledge, pat one (a veteran) on the back, shake his hand and tell him thank you. That makes him feel so much better." And today Hunsucker’s path crossed with a man named Vincent Strickland.

"I said ‘hey I’ll walk with ya tomorrow’. I am so proud of him. It's important to him which means it's important to me and veterans across the United States” says Strickland.

And although Strickland is only making a fraction of the cross-country trip, it's those shared footprints that are helping Hunsucker carry on.

Hunsucker says he specifically wanted to walk this cross-country journey. "You can ride a bike across to raise money, you can drive a car, fly an airplane. But you can never meet as many good citizens in the United States along the way, so walking was the only way"

You can call Richard Hunsucker and offer him support. His number is (920) 562-4250 or you can follow his progress and make a donation on-line, at

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