Infertility in Bay County

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Any couple who has struggled with infertility knows the emotional and financial toll it can have on you. It can be a tough time for any couple, but one local doctor is hoping to ease that burden. He's taking on the challenge of helping local couples realize their dream of having a family.

For an infertile couple, watching a mother with a newborn or even children playing can be an excruciating reminder of what they're missing out on.

Dr. Justo Maqueira moved into our area about two years ago. Since then he's helped dozens of couples conceive. For some, that's a long tedious process. If you're in your early twenties you can try to conceive on your own for several months to a year or so. Then if nothing happens that's when you should seek help.

Keep in mind, infertility doesn't only happen to females. That means both have to be checked and be involved in the treatment plan. As far as females the most common problem is ovulating normally. You could also have blocked tubes or scar tissue that can affect the tubes.

There is medication available in order to induce ovulation or make the ovary produce an egg. That's an oral medication and it's given for a short period of time each cycle. About 20 percent of women can be made to ovulate on this medication each cycle and be able to become pregnant.

After about three months on medication 50 percent of women can become pregnant and over six months about 75 percent. After about 12 months or so, if there's no success with medication or injectible, there's also invitro available.

You may not realize it, but obesity can cause you to be infertile. So can being too thin. For more information you can call Dr. Maqueira at 913-9003.