Two Boys Die in Car Crash Near Westville

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Authorities say a mother's apparent lapse in judgment killed her two young sons, and may cost her her own life. She was driving her two boys home from a birthday party when she hit a light pole.

Her judgment may not have been the only thing impaired. The community just north of Westville will have a hard time forgetting the two brothers who died on County Road 179A ten days ago: 12-year-old Blaine Hargrove and nine-year-old Tyler Hargrove, victims to what may be their mother's worst judgment.

Thirty-three-year-old Sherry Overstreet picked them up from a birthday party hosted by Agripina Croft, but witnesses say Overstreet should not have picked up the boys. They say she shouldn't have even been behind the wheel.

After Overstreet dropped her kids at the party, she allegedly left with several other adults and spent part of the evening drinking at a bar. The bartender on duty says he was concerned enough about her sobriety to ask another customer to take Overstreet home.

Apparently that customer dropped Overstreet off at Croft's house where she collected her boys and her car keys, and started home.

Sherry Overstreet tried to make the five mile drive home, but she drove less than a mile before she hit a light pole. That light pole has since been replaced.

Agripina Croft says, “It bothers me because I couldn't help the little ones. I should have helped them, but I didn't wake up and I didn't see her come in.”

Others tried. One saw Overstreet before the crash, another saw the aftermath.

"Young kids. One was hanging out of the vehicle. I went back and met my daddy almost half way down the highway and I said 'daddy, it's bad, these little kids are hanging over the highway and it's bad, and if you would hurry," says O’Don Newell.

Overstreet and her sons were not wearing seat belts. Blaine Hargrove died at the scene. His little brother Tyler died at an area hospital a few hours later.

Doctors say Overstreet is still alive, but may not survive her injuries.