Meet the New Kids in Town

A rare Bengal tiger at Zooworld at the beach has given birth to four cubs, including a pure white pair that joins only about 200 such tigers in the world.

The cubs' mother, five-year-old Delhi, and father, three-year-old Kabul, have been at Zoo World since March.

They are on loan from Josip Marcan, a veterinarian who owns 25 Bengal tigers and a tiger preserve in Ponce de Leon.

The cubs, two pure white, and two orange with black stripes, were born Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

Like many Bengal tigers, Delhi did not know how to care for her first litter, and zoo officials immediately began looking after the newborns, who all appeared to be in good health.

Marcan says the tigers and cubs will stay at Zoo World over the summer, giving the public the chance to learn more about the species.