Open Sesame

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John Behrens didn't know why his garage door opener didn't work. He spent hours trying to fix it and money trying to replace it, then he learned it wasn't broken.

"It's pretty much happened throughout the area from Crestview, it's happening in Niceville, Valparaiso, even some places in Destin. It's pretty widespread," says John.

Eglin Air Force Base is testing new equipment designed to better communications for Eglin's first responders. Col. Russell Miller with the Air Force base says the equipment is the cause of everyone's garage door complaints.

"We're going to make an attempt to move the frequency that we're testing the system on, in a hope that it will minimize or eliminate the inconvenience residents are experiencing," says Miller.

The new equipment operates on the same frequency as several garage door openers in the area, causing interference that prevents the openers from working.

"Quite frankly, at this point we don't know that once we place this system in operation whether or not they'll be a continuing inconvenience."

Behrens just wants to know if the end is in sight.

"They're saying we'll have to get our frequency changed, but when I call the manufacturer, there is no way to change the frequency."

While it may be annoying, Col. Miller says the system does provide a service to everyone in the area, but those carrying groceries and children through the rain to the front door might disagree.