Problems With Traffic Access Into Woodlawn Lands Two in Jail for the Night

Two prominent Woodlawn residents, who got into a scrap with a state trooper over a traffic ticket at the intersection, spent the night in jail.

Residents of the 300 home Woodlawn community are frustrated because they have no left turn arrow on Highway 98 to help them get from the highway into the subdivision.

Wednesday night, Darcy Peterson did what so many other drivers do; wait for a red light to stop traffic and then turn. A female Florida State Trooper tried to give Peterson a ticket for running a red light.

Then 83-year-old realtor Jim Clark came to Peterson’s assistance, and the ensuing altercation ended with both being jailed on felony charges.

Both were released on $5,000 bond Thursday after spending the night in the Bay County Jail.

Mrs. Peterson is the wife of the president of Woodlawn Homeowners Association. Clark, a prominent realtor, lives in Woodland.

Residents have been complaining for weeks about a new traffic pattern that basically blocks them from, turning off Highway 98 into their subdivision.