Campaign Sign Complaints

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Campaign signs are designed to withstand bad weather, but design can't guarantee they won't be stolen or damaged.

Washington County resident Greg Holman says someone painted a noose on the sign for his preferred candidate for Sheriff, John Curlee.

The sign is in Greg Holman's property. Holman says other signs for his preferred candidates have also been pulled out elsewhere.

"What bothers me about all of this is political sabotage."

But Holman is not alone in his suspicions.

"The only thing we had is the tire tracks where someone had run over our sign," says Kerry Adkison, County Judge Candidate.

Supervisor of Elections Carol Griffin gets constant complaints about signs and has herself experienced the loss first-hand.

“I've got signs that have been torn and taken away where I had placed them."

Incumbent Sheriff Fred Peel has also gotten a lot of similar complaints, including a complaint from one of his opponents who says one of his signs was removed by peel's wife.

"This is in the middle of the day, with a sign 'Fred Peel for Sheriff'. No one's taken an opponents sign. we've lost over 100."

Candidates and public officials take the sign problem seriously, but they realize the voting public may see things differently.

Supervisor of Elections Griffin says, "The majority of my voters, who I talk to in the public think it's pretty funny."

In the right mood, some candidates can laugh about it too.

Kerry Adkison says, "It's kinda funny now, as time goes along, it don't seem as bad as it did at that point."

Damaging or stealing political signs is illegal but property owners do have a right to remove signs within their own land.