Callaway Fires Destroy 1,000 Acres

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Firefighters had the East Callaway Heights blaze 60-percent contained Monday night, but are still out in full force at the scene of the fire to keep it from spreading.

It's just one of three fires in Callaway that erupted Monday afternoon.

One in the Laird Bayou region destroyed 30 acres and forced the evacuation of at least one family. Fire officials believe a smoldering stump struck by lightning two days ago was responsible for the blaze.

The largest fire and the one firefighters will be working to contain for the next several days started as a prescribed burn in East Callaway Heights.

Close to 1,000 acres have already been destroyed, and Division of Forestry officials says it will take several days to completely extinguish the fire.

A third fire off of 22-97 also erupted late Monday afternoon. It was likely the offspring of the East Callaway Heights fire.