Turning the Tide

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Turning left into the Woodlawn neighborhood from Highway 98 can become somewhat of a time consuming task, but help is on the way in the form of a protected turn signal.

The Florida Department of Transportation just approved a new left turn signal helping ease congestion into the neighborhood.

Woodlawn resident, Cindy Kennedy, was jumping up and down in celebration of the news. Ron Peterson, the president of the Woodlawn Community, says it wasn't easy, but the hard work paid off.

"We're absolutely delighted. There's 500 residents here in Woodlawn that have had a problem for months now," says Ron.

A problem that wasn't taken lightly in this neighborhood with about 300 homes and constant traffic flowing through.

Kennedy helped organize the community to make the entrance safer, but she got mad when police began ticketing drivers turning left into the neighborhood when the light turned red.

"Once we found out we were going to be ticketed and more than one person got ticketed for trying to get home, then it brought an urgency to it," she says.

P.T. Moore, along with Kennedy, walked the neighborhood trying to gather support for the turn signal.

"Beginning Friday evening I went around to get signatures for our petition to get this problem fixed," says Moore.

The problem will be fixed within a week according to the Florida Department of Transportation, but Robert Cole, the vice president of the community, says they have one more gripe.

"Unfortunately, the red arrow up there indicates nobody leaving Woodlawn can take a right turn. You have to wait until the light turns green before you can go," says Cole.

Still, most say that complaint is more of a nuisance rather than the safety issue at stake without the necessary left turn signal into the neighborhood.