Gas Prices May Lead to One-Cent Tax for Bonifay

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Gas prices are forcing drivers to keep an eye on their mileage, and some new car buyers are even considering cars they wouldn't have considered before gas prices went sky high.

Some governments are also considering their own measures to deal with the higher costs. Finding an unhappy gas customer isn't very hard these days.

Traveling musicians say their budget for their trip from Texas is tighter than expected because of gas prices, but individuals aren't the only one's feeling the squeeze. The city of Bonifay is now considering a one cent sales tax to make up for the increasing cost of operating the city's cars and trucks.

"Gas is two dollars now. Last year it was probably $1.30, so you see what it does: we have garbage trucks and we have work trucks. It's just tearing us up that's all," says Jake Jacobs, Bonifay Mayor.

Mayor Jacob proposed the tax this week. If put into effect, Bonifay customers would not only be paying for more for their gas, they'd also be paying more for anything they buy within the city except food and medicine.

Jacobs says the city needs to offset gas costs or risk trouble with other bills down the line.

"I don't see any hope of getting out of it with what you see on the news. It looks like it's going up," says Jacobs.

Other local governments are also being hit hard by the extra fuel costs, but so far none have made any drastic cuts in services.