Jenny Cowan Doing Great

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A local seven-year-old girl who was severely burned 18 months ago is amazing everyone.

Jenny Cowan, her twin sister Sidney and brother Nick are packing up and heading to Birmingham. Not only do Nick and Sidney get to attend "burn camp" with their sister, they also get to witness another milestone in Jenny's recovery.

You may remember the story back in December 2002? Six-year-old Jenny Cowan burned over 80 percent of her body as her father was trying to light a fireplace in their home.

Jenny was a fighter from the very beginning. That determination has helped her endure the tough times and always come out ahead of the game. She's been ahead of the curve since day one, and that's happening once again.

Jenny's been forced to wear what is called a pressure suit since she was burned. The suit is hot and bothersome. She was supposed to get the suit off in December of this year on the two-year anniversary of her accident, but once again this amazing little girl is beating the odds and reaching another milestone in her recovery early.

You may remember Jenny's twin sister Sidney begged the doctors to let her donate her skin to Jenny for skin graphs, something she is proud to show anyone. Jenny will get to swim at burn camp next week without the suit for the first time in almost two years.

Jenny still has a long way to go, but there's not a doubt in anyone's mind she'll make it.