80-Plus Dogs Found Stuffed In A U-Haul Trailer

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MIAMI - A day after they were found living in squalid conditions in southwest Miami-Dade County, 26 dogs were getting special treatment at the Humane Society of Greater Miami on Wednesday.

That’s where they were getting bathed, groomed and checked out.

"I am seeing dogs that are scared and dirty become clean and happy and get a chance for a second home,” said Dani Jones, the assistant to the medical director of the Humane Society of Greater Miami.

They were among more than 80 dogs that were rescued after they were found living in filthy crates aboard a U-Haul trailer parked at a southwest Miami-Dade home, according to Miami-Dade Animal Services. Their owners surrendered them after a tip brought Animal Services to the property at 12375 Southwest 248th St.

The humane society took in 26 of the dogs from the county. The rest of them are with Animal Services or with other rescue groups. They are all being given physicals and checked for diseases before they are put up for adoption.

The dogs at the humane society are living in much roomier cages than they were before.

"They hit the lottery today, because they're going to get vaccinated, they're going to get cared for, they'll get bathed, they'll get groomed,” said Laurie Hoffman, the organization’s associate executive director.

And they're getting lots of love. The dogs are anywhere from 2 months old to 7 years old. Technicians are giving them complete physicals and looking for signs of infectious diseases.

Most have infected eyes and ears, bad teeth, and respiratory problems, but overall they are remarkably in relatively good health.

"This is the beginning of the great part of their lives, we'll medicate them, we'll give them love, we'll take them on walks, we'll do everything that needs to be done before they're ready for a home,” Hoffman said.

Meanwhile, investigators are determining whether the owners of the property in southwest Miami-Dade will be charged. Animal Services did allow the mother and daughter to keep eight of the dogs – the maximum number allowed on the property by law.

Anyone interested in adopting one of the dogs must wait while they are quarantined for 14 days, which is standard.

To get more information about the Humane Society of Greater Miami, see www.humanesocietymiami.org.