Cops Stuck Directing Traffic During Holiday Weekend

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Memorial Day weekend always means a busy time for law enforcement, but instead of fighting crime and saving lives some officers were stuck directing traffic most of the day.

A malfunctioning light at Thomas Drive and Highway 98 backed up holiday traffic for more than six hours Saturday. Florida Highway Patrol troopers and Bay County sheriff's deputies came together to direct traffic from around seven in the morning, when the lights went out, to around two this Saturday afternoon.

Law enforcement officials called Bay County Control to see if they could fix the problem Saturday morning, but the agency said they wouldn't send anyone out because it was a holiday weekend.

"We could be out there patrolling and catching drunks, but instead we're trying to dodge them at this traffic light. We called Bay County Control and they wouldn't send anyone out to fix it. Within the past 20 minutes or so they called back and said they would come out to fix it," says Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Donnie Chapman.

Bay County Control did finally send someone to fix the intersections' lights around one Saturday afternoon and the problem was fixed within an hour.