Local Flavor

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The Waterfront Market, featuring fresh vegetables, arts, crafts and wine tasting, is open every Saturday from nine until one.

The market was developed by the St. Andrews Waterfront Partnership, aimed at bringing local shoppers to the downtown area.

Several vendors are using the opportunity as a stepping-stone to open their own business in St. Andrews.

Angela Tucker's family has distinct roots tied deep to St. Andrews.

"My sister and I started this business during Mardi Gras in St. Andrews and we hope to build a business together in St. Andrews as a life long goal of ours."

Cynthia Smith works with the Waterfront Partnership, and says bringing local artists to the marina is a great opportunity.

"So, not only does it bring people to St. Andrews, but it also gives every vendor that's here or perhaps people who are thinking about beginning a business can come here and try out their products and see how it goes."

The market is open every Saturday, rain or shine. Next weekend the market will move under a permanent open-air roof.