The Will to Walk

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The walkers stretched before hitting the road in downtown Panama City to show support to find a cure for arthritis.

Teams across the country will walk in their own hometowns to represent the 70 million Americans with arthritis and chronic joint symptoms.

Those leading the teams wore blue hats, designating them as the "Heroes,” those who have fought arthritis even through all the pain and walk today in spite of the ailment.

Eveline Moore led the entire group, proud to wear her blue hat and proud to walk everyday.

"I am a survivor or rheumatoid arthritis, it attacked my body in '84 and I was completely paralyzed for five years."

Terra Towne helped organize the event and volunteers with the local chapter with the Arthritis Foundation.

"They are showing their support for family members or friends who have arthritis, as well as they've raised money throughout the time period, and they're turning in their money today for research and all our local programs."

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