Jackson County Man Dead After Nightclub Brawl

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A fight at a nightclub in Jackson County ended with gunfire. Now, one man is dead and another is injured.

Several cars were also hit with bullets, and sheriff's deputies aren't sure yet who did all the shooting.

Jackson County sheriff's deputies were called to the Dreamlands Lounge in the town of Two Egg around 2 a.m. Saturday morning. That's when they learned 22-year-old Steve Dawson had been shot in the arm. He was treated at a hospital and released.

They didn't find out until seven hours later that someone else had been hit as well.

"A passing motorist said they saw the body of a man in the field, so we went back to the lounge and found out that another man had been shot. He had been shot in the shoulder area," says Jackson County Sheriff John McDaniel.

Witnesses say 20-year-old Fasheem Brown ran from the lounge after the shooting. Sheriff's deputies believe he bled to death across the street.

No one has been charged in shooting.