Farmers Hope for Rain

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The dry weather may be good for tourism, but farmers are worried. They say the next three days are critical to their crops.

One farmer is trying to cope with the extreme lack of moisture. Oscar Hamilton is worried about the $16,000 he invested planting corn.

"If we don't get rain within a week, it's over for this corn. It won't make anything."

But he's even more worried about the peanuts he planted a few weeks ago and the peanuts he's planting today. Peanuts make up the bulk of his income.

Hamilton says the peanuts he's planting today won't germinate without rain, but Oscar Hamilton and other farmers haven't lost hope yet. They believe the rain will come soon, and if worse comes to worst, Hamilton says he can use tractors to water his crops, even if the higher cost of diesel cuts into his profit.

Farming diesel prices have doubled to $1.25 a gallon in the last few months.

Hamilton and other area farmers say they've been several tough weather seasons. They're hoping to get a break this year, but it's not looking good.