Florida Lottery New Scratch-Off Game

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Gamblers in Florida now have a new way to win. The Florida Lottery just released a new scratch off game for a chance at 200-thousand dollars a year for life. The odds of winning are better than most, but the price of the ticket is steep.

The “Lucky 200-thousand Dollars for Life” scratch off ticket promises a hefty yearly salary to a fortunate few. Launched Tuesday, this Tallahassee store has already sold 50.

The odds of winning the top prize are about one in three million. Smaller cash awards and free tickets are more common, with one in three cards producing a winner.

But the price tag on this new scratch off game is weeding out folks who normally play the lottery but can’t afford the 20 bucks.

Jhemar Williams likes the idea of a yearly payoff.

“200K a year, that’s great. Ten years I’d be rich.”

But Jhemar says hard times will keep him from buying.

“I would get them if I had the money to.”

Jhemar’s not alone; a lot gamblers are cutting back. Overall lotto sales are down by three hundred million dollars. Still, Florida Lottery spokeswoman Jackie Barrios says the lottery has high hopes for its newest 20 dollar ticket.

“Our 20 dollar scratch-off games are actually our most successful believe it or not. They are our top sellers.”

One advantage of scratch off tickets is they produce instant winners. Thursday, a Sarasota woman became a millionaire, playing the Merry Millionaire scratch off game.

The Lucky 200-thousand dollars for life scratch off game offers a total of 450 million dollars in prizes with 20 yearly awards of 200-thousand and 50-thousand dollars.

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