Bad Beach Weather

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Some surprise severe weather caught many beachgoers off guard early Wednesday afternoon, causing some scary moments and costly damage.

A water spout packed a punch as it came ashore at about quarter after 1 Wednesday afternoon. About 100 workers saw it coming and hid in the tiny stairwell as the spout ripped off weeks of work.

The 18,000 pound section, used as a mold to pour the 16th floor, dug about five to six feet into the ground as it landed narrowly missing two men sitting in the concrete truck.

"It was this huge crash on the back of the truck and it started rocking and shaking. It scared the daylights out of me,” said William Brazell, a concrete worker.

In fact, no one was injured in the crash but there were several close calls like the folks at the On the Beach shop, just across the street from the construction site.

"We were pulling in rafts and this 2 by 4 came flying toward us and into the store," said Chris Craig from On the Beach Supplies.

Another lucky miss for any potential passers-by. The crew had traffic stopped going both ways so no cars were in the area when the giant section fell. High up on the crane another survivor watched, trapped by high winds as the water spout came ashore. He has a wind gauge in there and says the wind gusted as high as 85 to 120 miles per hour.