Salute to Florida's Heroes

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They were welcomed home after serving in Iraq. This Saturday we'll have another chance to say thank you to the Florida National Guardsmen and Army Reservists.

Amy Ausley with the Bay County Chamber of Commerce says it's exciting to be chosen to host the event.

"The governor picked five cities in the state of Florida and we were one of those, and most of the other cities are much larger, so we're very proud we were one of the selection sites," says Ausley.

But getting ready for an event that is expecting a turnout of about 10,000 people takes some time, especially since it involves the military.

"There are a lot of security concerns, so of course, we're very mindful of that in trying to make sure everyone is in their place, set up. There will be a security sweep and things like that," says Ausley.

The festivities will kick off a little after nine in the morning with Lt. Governor Toni Jennings and specially designed day-time fireworks. This event is for everyone in the Panhandle, and with food and entertainment, it's sure to keep everyone happy as well.

Organizers are providing lunch for soldiers and their families. If you'd like to attend, you can park at Bay High School and catch a shuttle bus to the Marina.

"From Tallahassee to Pensacola, there will be buses bringing the troops in from those different areas across the region, so this is a regional celebration. A real chance to say thank-you to those amongst us."

Side by side, the reservists and guardsmen will be joined in support with neighbors, friends and family at a celebration set to honor Florida's heroes.