Stillborn Baby Found in Trunk of Car

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A young Marianna woman is getting mental health treatment after her stillborn baby was found in the trunk of her car. Jackson County sheriff investigators say the mother put the baby there about three weeks ago after giving birth.

Sheriff John McDaniel says the call came from a concerned resident near this house in Marianna. Inside, 20-year-old Glenda Lynn Stokes apparently gave birth to a stillborn child about three weeks ago.

"And yes, we found that a child had been in there for about 10, 11 days had been riding around in the truck of the car."

Sheriff McDaniel says the young woman is not being charged at this point, but she will be receiving mental treatment.

A case like this is rare in Jackson County, but cases similar to this one take place all over the country with young mothers giving birth outside a hospital.

Social worker Sharon Vail says there are ways to avoid breaking the law or making matters worst.

"We do have cases of babies born at home: premature, unexpected, not alive, and mom doesn't really know what to do. If you don't feel comfortable going to the emergency room, you can call the police department. Yes, they do come. They do have to do an investigation, but it's not an investigation of fault."

Moms who give birth to an unwanted child outside the hospital may also leave their baby with the Health Department or at a hospital.

In Florida, the Department of Children and Families tries to find a home for these babies.