USDA Commodities Program

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Nearly 700 area families are at risk of losing a big portion of their daily food supply. The Tri-County recently lost its contract to distribute USDA commodities food to some of the Panhandle's poorest families.

Tallahassee-based Second Harvest picked up the contract because Tri-County didn't have enough air conditioned space to store the food, but now it looks like the two organizations may be working on a deal to bring the surplus food program back to Holmes, Washington and Walton County.

"They are working with us and we're trying to start the program back. We will be one of the agencies that will be receiving the food like we always did. However, we got to kind of start from scratch to get our distribution set up quarterly again," says Director of the Tri-County Community Council, Joel Paul

Holmes County commissioners are considering making the county's ag center available to Tri-County for food storage. Tri-County may have food available within the next two months.