City and County Leaders Plan Beach Safety Summit

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Another drowning this week off of the coast of Bay County has grabbed the attention of city and county leaders. They say prevention starts with discussion, so Bay County and Beach leaders, as well as county and city law enforcement agencies will hold a safety summit to talk about the issue.

Bay County Commissioner Cornel Brock says he will push better education.

"We'll never be able to create an environment so safe that there's no risk, but our principle responsibility is to make sure you know the risk. I think there are some things we have not done in area of education, and that's what I'd like to focus on," says Bay County Commissioner Cornel Brock.

While education seems to be Commissioner Brock's priority, other city leaders say harsher penalties for violators of the flag warning system may be the answer.

"The larger problem we have is the enforcement side of this. I've even seen where the Sheriff's Office has called someone out of the water, and they go back in once the officers leave. I think there should be some penalties," says Bob Warren, of the Tourism Development Council.

But there are problems with both of these solutions. Some say the city and county puts itself at liability by doing anything at all, but Commissioner Brock says do nothing is not an option.

The Beach Safety Summit will be held this Tuesday, June 8 at 8 a.m. in the morning. The meeting will be held at the Tourism Development Council Boardroom at the intersection of Back Beach Road and State Road 79.