144th Transportation Company Due to Deploy Soon

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The date is set and troops from the National Guard's 144th Transportation Company are almost ready to go, but the unit's deployment first to Fort Bragg, North Carolina, then to Iraq, isn't just about packing and driving away.

It's also about making preparations of the heart. The 144th Transportation Company is almost done packing. Now, the real work begins with each soldier's emotional preparations.

"It's not actually that bad 'cause I'm going to have my wife with me. I'm going to miss my family, but since I went through it last year, I can take it a lot better this time," says DeShoan Olds, a newlywed soldier.

DeShoan and his wife Sofia know their deployment will be easier than most and easier than the DeShoan's four months with the unit in Fort Stewart, Georgia in 2003, but their service isn't without sacrifice.

"Even though I'm going to be with my husband, everybody thinks oh you got it made, but I have family that I am going to miss. Of course my mother, my father," says Sofia Olds.

The 144th will be headed to Fort Bragg, North Carolina in less than 48 hours. From there, it's on to Iraq and the dangers of war."

For Rory Kem-Nicky, deployment is more bittersweet. He and his wife divorced since his last deployment.

Sgt. Rory Kamenicky with the 144th Transportation Company says, "At least, I don't have to have that emotional attachment, that worry and she doesn't have to have that worry. I think it's easier this time."

Sgt. Kem-Nicky isn't happy that his marriage didn't work out, but he's excited about serving overseas, but not anymore excited than DeShoan and Sofia Olds who believe the mission will the 144th Transportation Company was also headed for the Middle East last year, but instead the unit spent four months training and working at Fort Stewart, Georgia.