The Air Up There

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At Tyndall Air Force Base lies a group of people whose job is to solely protect the air space in the southeast United States.

Colonel Charles Campbell is the Commander of the Southeast Air Defense sector. The sector is made up entirely of full-time and part-time guardsmen.

"Certainly over the past 14 years since Desert Storm we've had lots of opportunities, maybe more than we expected to actually use our skills, particularly in the Florida Air National Guard we have very much been challenged to use the skills that we've been trained to develop."

Because so many want to serve, the Florida Air National Guard is at capacity with 2,000 filled positions. Colonel Campbell says watching the war from home has given some a better perspective about the military.

"I think we know more about the facts of what that service is about, but it certainly hasn't slowed things down. People are wanting to be a part of it and wanting to serve their country."

But the 24-hour job filled by full-time and part-time guardsmen is no less important than any other part of the military and they are always recruiting, despite so many who are ready and willing.

"As we know, there's threats out there daily and the more people we have serving, the more people are aware and are helping us conquer this war on terrorism and protect our homeland."