Proposed Mobile Home Park for Cedar Grove Meets Laws and Regulations

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Preliminary plans for a mobile home park in the city of Cedar Grove are within the laws and regulations of the city and state, but the city's planning board still can't agree on whether or not it should be built.

Nothing in the state statutes or Cedar Grove's Comprehensive Plan prohibits a mobile home park in any residential area within the city.

That means legally, developer Michael Peaden could build a mobile home park off of Everitt Avenue.

But the city's planning board has reached a stalemate on whether or not to move forward with the preliminary plans.

Most board members agree with those living near the proposed site, who say the mobile home park would devalue the community and their homes. One board member even wants to ban development there until the regulations are changed, but representatives of the developer say the city has to go by the current books.

"Obviously I think under your regulations Mr. Peaden can build a mobile home park if he wanted to, but he is trying to be a good neighbor, and he is willing to compromise," says Franklin Harris, the developer's lawyer.

"We have to make sure what we're doing is for the betterment of Cedar Grove. I don't know if you're familiar with the moratorium, but I know for a fact it can be done. I feel that's where we need to go at this point," says Planning Board Member, Gloria Day.

At least one planning board members says banning development there would violate the developer's property rights. And some city officials say if the board doesn't approve the proposal the developer would most definitely take the city to court.

The City's Planning board will meet again two weeks from Monday night to continue the debate.