Florida Fears Haitian Exodus

The dire living conditions in Haiti could spark a mass exodus to Florida.

The Department of Homeland Security is asking the more than three million Haitians affected by the earthquake to stay put. The US Navy has ships in the waters surrounding Haiti to help the victims, but they’ll also keep an eye out for people fleeing the country.

Interim Director of the Division of Emergency Management David Halstead says any refugee found in Florida will be fed and given medical treatment, but they will be sent back to Haiti.

“I think those interdicted at sea would go to Guantanamo Bay, then they would go to other federal facilities to be processed back to Haiti. I think Secretary Napolitano was very clear on that, but from a humanitarian standpoint, with our large Haitian community, we stand ready to offer what ever assistance we can.”

It takes three days by boat to get from Haiti to Florida, but it’s a dangerous trip and hundreds of people have died trying to make it to the US.

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