New Mine Hunting Vehicle Featured on Momsen

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The future of mine hunting for the U.S. Navy is on display at Naval Support Activity.

It's a remote mine hunting system developed at the Navy Base in Panama City Beach and it's being featured on the Navy's newest destroyer, Momsen.

"Instead of having a fully-manned ship this is part of the weapons system of a destroyer or any future ship we decide to put it on," said Kevin Rose, Project Manager for the Remote Mine Hunting System.

"It's not a capability that the surface Navy has had until this system. We have to rely on our dedicated forces which do that job very well, but they aren't nearly as fast or as mobile as a carrier battle group," said Commander Ed Kenyon, Commander of the Momsen.

The mine hunting vehicle is 10 years in the making. It allows the Navy to get closer to beach in a quicker fashion.

"The environment that the world is in today, where the Navy goes to do our mission is close-in to shore. And that is also the environment where mines can be the threat," said Kenyon.

Mine detection isn't the only thing the Navy is showing off. The Navy is also giving a glimpse into upgraded firefighting equipment which is being sent to every ship.

"We're into 1990s technology versus the 30s. We're able to train a lot more than we used to. It's common equipment throughout the world. Everyone is using this equipment," said Mark Black of the U.S. Navy.

The new firefighting equipment will be on the Momsen, which is set to be commissioned in Panama City Aug. 28.

Each of the remote mine hunting systems costs $12 million.