Area Gasoline Prices Start to Decline

It's definitely getting cheaper to drive. Wednesday many gas stations around Panama City have dropped the price of gas 10 cents to 13 cents a gallon.

The cheapest gasoline we found Wednesday night was $1.79 a gallon in Parker.

Prices started dropping all over town and it’s just in time for summer vacations as many kids up north are getting out of school this week and heading south to the Florida Panhandle.

The federal government said this week the pinch at the pump should be on the decline this summer as additional oil exports from OPEC are due to arrive.

Saudi Arabia and other OPEC members have pledged to produce as much crude oil as possible to lower record high oil and gasoline prices.

Nationally gas prices are predicted to average about $1.89 a gallon June through September this year, and hopefully this area will stay on the low side.