Some Pre-paid Local Phone Service Not Working Out

When area residents bought a prepaid telephone service package from a company called Teleconex, they thought they were getting a convenient reliable service, but all they got so far is nothing.

They have no telephone service, no definite explanation as to why, no refunds of her prepaid money, and empty promises of their service being restored.

Teleconex essentially buys up and re-sells Bell South's services, and offers them to people as a prepaid package.

But Florida's Public Service Commission tells NewsChannel Seven Teleconex hasn’t paid its bill, so Bell South cut them off.

Several consumer agencies have been made aware of the situation by complaining customers.

If you're thinking of switching telephone services the Better Business Bureau be sure and check out the company you’re talking to.

We contacted Teleconex and a representative put us on hold for 45 minutes and never returned. Two more calls went unanswered.