Former Cop on a Mission to Save Horses

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Horses can be very happy animals, but they can also lead very sad lives if their owners can't afford to feed them or if they're wild with no place to roam.

Fortunately for these horses a former cop has taken on their cause.

Melissa Wyzard rounds up her horses the same way she used to round up suspects as a Panama City police officer, but she enjoys this type of roundup a lot more.

"Horses are just like suspects. You never know what they're going to do. You never know if they're going to run from you, kick you, bite you," says horse rescuer Melissa Wyzard.

Melissa's love of horses began at birth, but her official rescue days began with one horse's last chance to escape a slaughterhouse.

As the founder of the non-profit Heavenly Meadows Melissa aims to save as many horses as possible. Some will come from owners who can't afford to feed them and others will come from the prim-ran hormone therapy market gone bad.

Primran is used by menopausal women and comes from pregnant mares, and then there are the wild horses, like Mystic, who have no place to roam.

"When they get to that point, and they're not afraid anymore and they come to you, it makes me want to cry. It's the most amazing feeling. On minute they're scared to death."

Melissa is hoping others will be just as touched and help save horses who might otherwise not have a chance. For more information on heavenly meadows horse rescue donations or adoptions, log on to