Sybers Case Turns Up Again on National TV Network

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It's a case that has played out for the past 12 years and there's still many unanswered questions. We all remember when Dr. William Sybers was indicted for the murder of his wife. However, the case continues and a national cable network is taking a closer look.

"We go and take a look at cases that were important to cities in the past and that has some lasting meaning to the people in the city, and the Sybers’ case definitely fits the bill for what we're looking for in City Confidential," says A&E Producer, Michael Rogers.

The Arts and Entertainment cable network is airing an hour-long special on the case of former Bay County medical examiner, Dr. William Sybers.

The report, "Autopsy of a Marriage," will air at 9 p.m. Saturday night on the cable network. A crew from A&E were in Bay County last September to shoot footage of the town and interview those who knew the Sybers’.

"It's amazing the differences in opinion you get in this case. The community is very divided among the people who believe Dr. Sybers is guilty and people who believe he's a poor innocent man who's been prosecuted for ten years," says Rogers.

The network will rebroadcast the report Sunday afternoon at 1 p.m. if you miss it Saturday night.