A Toast to Oranges

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"We have blackberry, blueberry, strawberry, tangerine, tangelo. We have a mango, we have a key lime wine that tastes like a margarita without the salt. We have a grapefruit, dry wines, semi-sweet, sweet, and semi-dry, have something for every taste," says owner Larry Honeycutt.

Both owners of the Panama City Beach Winery, Larry and Kate Honeycutt aren't joking when they say there is a wine for every taste because this isn't your normal winery.

Larry often tells customers his own wife gets headaches from the tannin in normal wine, but not these fruit wines, made without grapes.

"What's so unique about these wines is they're made with citrus fruit and berries, they're not made with grapes."

And evidently, it's catching on because creator Vince Shook out of St. Petersburg, Florida has won 125 medals to date including the famed Best of Show award at the Indy in Indianapolis.

"The reason he chose things other than grapes is we have good quality citrus here in the state of Florida. He actually has a patent on his grapefruit wine."

And with the creative instinct to make wine with oranges also comes your daily dose of vitamins.

"He fortified the vitamins and minerals from the fruit into the wine. Two six-ounce glasses of any of our seven citrus wines will give you 20 percent of your recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C."

And that's something even mom can be proud of!