Building Dispute

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A Sunny Hills retiree says he's running out of options to get his new business off the ground. The retiree claims the company who poured in the concrete foundation for his future trading post did not follow code and he says Washington County's building inspector isn't doing anything about it.

Andrew Agnello trading post would be open for business if not for its concrete foundation. Agnello, two private architects and a survey company all say the concrete slab is uneven and unfit for the metal building it is supposed to hold.

Washington County's building inspector, Lloyd Powell, disagrees. In a letter to Agnello, Powell writes that a building may be placed on the concrete slab, but Agnello says he is certain the slab is not safe. He worries about the high and low dips within the concrete and anchor bolts that he says are not as long as they should be.

Agnello paid Lasteel Metal Buildings from Slocomb, Alabama for the concrete foundation and a metal building. Lasteel and building inspector, Powell, were not available for comment in time for this story.

Andrew Agnello says he plans to sue the Lasteel Metal Buildings company and the county.