Highway 77 Expansion May Impact Wausau Revenue

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Chipley and Wausau city leaders say their cities stand to lose a lot if the Department of Transportation bypasses their cities when expanding Highway 77.

The DOT is planning several public meetings to try to gauge how folks feel about several highway expansion alternatives.

Wausau Mayor George Rogers says the two alternatives that bypass his city could take Wausau off the map for tourist stopovers.

"The town will actually just lose all the revenue. We have two stores, you know, and we get gas taxes from them to help keep the City Hall going and the maintenance department and all that and that's the reason I would like to see it keep on coming."

Mayor Rogers says he doesn't want Wausau to end up like compass lake after DOT expanded Highway 231. A public meeting about the Wausau highway alternatives will take place next Tuesday at 5:30 p.m.